Pricing & Booking

Registering for the conference

From the 20th March, the booking link should be available here. You must be registered to join the Zoom sessions (and therefore the conference). Registering is a separate process from submitting a paper.

Pricing for joining the conference.

We are setting out two tiers of pricing and are trusting you to choose the appropriate one.

  • If you are fully or comfortably waged, please select the higher price of £30.

  • If you are unwaged/part-time/student/simply struggling, please select the lower price of £10.

You do not need to contact the organisers to choose the lower tier, and we are trusting that enough attendees will pay the higher fee to cover our costs.

About costs

Obviously we will each have to arrange our own conference dinner this time, and the key saving for the organisers compared to the original pricing is our not providing refreshments and food. However we have incurred costs both from the original plans (deposits were involved, for instance) and fees for software, captioning for the keynotes and so on. We expect either to break even or to be in a position to hand some ‘seed money’ to our successors.